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Intensive Driving Course


The courses are designed to enable individuals, of all ages, to learn to drive away from normal pressures of everyday life. By choosing one of our courses you do not spend months doing the traditional "hour-a-week" routine. The time is greatly reduced by undertaking an intensive driving course and by benefiting from a 1 to 1 tuition with recently learned skills over a short period of time.

Once you have passed your theory test and we have received your booking form, along with your deposit, we can then arrange for your practical driving test (at Dumfries DSA test centre) and the start date of your course. You will receive written confirmation of your test and course date within 24 hours.







Are you unsure whether a few lessons a week or an intensive driving course is for you, then contact Clive here and he can answer all the questions.
If you want to learn to drive but don't know what’s best for you, then contact Clive. He will advise you about intensive driving courses and standard lessons to see what suits your needs.
If you want to drive ASAP, then why don't you consider an intensive driving course? You will learn alot quicker giving you the opportunity to sit your test sooner

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If you are looking for an Intensive Driving Course then go here for more information contact Sheila.